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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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report. have a great night. we'll see you here tomorrow. lou: good evening i'm lou dobbs, these people are swearing to tell the truth, in front of the house ove oversight committee t, although not many americans according to latest pol polls ce pecked to of about -- pectsed to believe them, and lois warner. >> i have been advise by high council to assert my constructional right not to testify or cancer questions we lated to subject matter of this hearing. lou: the fifth, refusing to answer questions after pleading her case with a series of denials and deflects about the
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lawfulness of or actions. in or opening statement. do you believe her when she says, she is innocent? >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations, and i have not provided false information on this or any other congressional committee. some people will assume i have done something wrong. i have not. >> congressman troy dowdy made it clear she does not believe her until she subjecteed herself to cros cross-examination by the committee. here is congressman reasoning. >> mr. cummings said we shouldrun this like a courtroom, i agree she testified, and
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waived her right to privilege, you don't get to tell your side of the story not be subjected cross-examination. the congressman will be joining us in the latest in obama irs scandal. the entire obama administration at times, seems to be hunk erring downberring down behind a stonewall. it has been now to wall off the irs, frustrating for democrats as well as republican congressmen. here is democrat steven lynch of massachusets. >> if this committee is prevented by obstruct or refusal to answer, the questions that we need to get to the bottom of this, you will leave us no alternative but to ask for the appointment of a special prosecutor, there will be hell to pay if that is the route we choose to go down. lou: weekly stanc standard.
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prior to joining the irs, learner of head of the enforcement officer at the federal elect commission, the christian coalition accuses the fec in late '90s of conducting an uncalled for investigation, into issues advocacy, that cost the coalition hundreds of thousands to defend the case was dropped. now we know why president obama has scheduled what his administration is styling as a major national security -- tomorrow, obama administration acknowledging for first time today, that 4 american citizens have been killed in drone strikes since 2009. attorney general eric holder revealed in a letter to congressional leaders only one of those 4, radical cleric, anwar al-awlaki of the targeted by u.s., during a 2011 drone
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strike in yemen, three others killed include a al qaeda prop propagandas. today's revelation comes on eve of a major national security speech by the president at national defense university tomorrow. >> obama administration did not hess dayhesitate to order drone, but it has not been the case with terrorists in libya. new development tonight in hunt for suspects in deadly september 11 attacks on our consulate in benghazi. the fbi has been tracking more than a dozen possible suspects but what they say is poor security within libya has hindered their, federa efforts g them to justice, james ros rosen with our report.
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>> reporter: these three unidentified only people that fbi has publicly labeled suspects in the benghazi case, military law enforcement officials told fox news they have been tracking at least 18 can bes, and security continues in benghazi have hammered the activity -- hampered the activity in the city. the white house confirmed that its determine knack as to how any benghazi suspects should be handled. -- our other critical national security o strong reffence to accomplish that through prosecution. either in an article 3 court or reform mildtary commission. >> reporter: john kerry has alluded to obama administration's policies about legal status of terrorism. suspects, as a factor in why so many months have elapped without progress. >> just as sometimes, takes a while when you operate by high
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standards. >> we have identified people. and they are building a case. you know we're going through the tedious, very difficult process of gaining evidence from the part of the country which is saddadangerous. >> reporter: a poll finds 62% of voters believe that president obama vehicle done more to help americans debesieged in benghazi. >> be benghazi is not about scog political points. >> it certainly is. >> benghazi is a laughable joke. >> with all due respect governor, 4 morning died. >> oh, stop it, the blaming of president for that is a r joke. >> told reporters after a closed-door briefing by cia deputy director that session under scores that no changes were made to now infamous
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benghazi talking point for political reasonss lou: thank you. james rosen, fox news, chief washington correspondent. the "gang of 8" immigration bill, was voted out of committee last night. when the judiciary committee voted to approve the measure. >> i will -- i will pretend to ask for order. lou: chants of yes, we can, breaking out as 3 republicans, sense to ever lindsey graham, and jeff flake and orrin hatch join the democrats, my first guest voted no. joining us senator jeff sessio
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sessions. great to have you with us, you fought a long, hard battle against this legislation. now moves to floor. which -- well where in your opinion it will either succeed or fail, what is it? >> we'll have to depend on the american people to make their voices heard and pay attend00 to th00turn to the fact we need tow this woulding welllize over next 10 years 30 million people, about 3 times what we woulding welllize in a decade. will hammer worker americans this is far too many low skill workers that will take jobs and pull down wages of people unemployed and under employed right now, really dangers on it will add trillions to long-term financial costs of u.s. treasury, welfare and other benefits, it will not work. two major januarie januaries who
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represent -- mayor unions have told us it will not work, it will make it worse it will weaken our enforcement and threaten the national security. we need to listen to what they are telling us, we believe in immigration, and we all believe that that we need to make this legal system of immigration better, this bill just does not do it and it can't pass in in form. lou: what do you say to those people what suggestion there is something darwinian in this, if a country and its people don't have enough energy or care to defend its borders to claim its sovereignty, for its citizens that the result is actually, if you will, a fore gone cob conclusion, and the defni of the
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nation is in the hands of a new generation. >> we need to ask questions here along that line, like who is the congress representing? i just saw a report that says, 800 people spent the night for 5 days and nights in queens, waiting for a job. i just saw a report in philadelphia they expected a thousand people who had a convict on their record to come for jobs, 3,000 showed up. people are looking for work in america. that is who we owe our loyalty too first, we need to help our people get work, get off welfare, off food stamp, get out there and be able to help a family and a retire am plan and healthcare, that is not happening we can't absorb this many new workers. we need to have the toll stand up in -- will to stand up and articulate that. lou: it is strange to me that you and i be, we talk many times
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during the course of 2006 and 2007. last effort, mccain-kennedy legislation. that era. here we are, talking 7, 6 years later, and answers stir are not there. we have the heritage report. we have you know, douglas with his view, and others there say great divide among conservatives, we don't know any more about who the people who are who are in the country illegally, about their numbers, we're don't know any more about their demography. and by the way, that means that neither side, those who seek too secure the border, in to manage carefully immigration, is well as those that seek on open the border, amnesty, that neither se
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sought intellec intellectual rif what is going to happen. we know for a fact half of the people coming across the border are not apprehended. we have, just an extraordinary issue that has per sived without benefit -- per sifted without benefit of research, and knowledge on the part of the senators who we send to washington to represent us, congressmen and the president. it is really, remarkable. >> it really is, i asked last week, again yesterday, if sensetor schumer prime pusher of the bill, how many people would be legalized under this bill? he won't say. they will not even say how many people are goinggto are covered by tomorrow how could we pass a measure reform if we don't understand that no study has
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been done on the economics of it just how many workers we really need, truth is civil right commission members say we have a surplus of low skill labor, that is who we need to be getting into work, off dependency, imagreing with you, this this their is way too little thought into a serious piece of legislation. lou: know you have been focus of numerous attacks, i want to share some language. audience tooknow, you stood up and presented your view, have you been in opposition to it legislation. you have done so honorably. but washington post attacking you, i have to say, danna mill badge, he begin a being by saying not since george wallace perhaps has an alabamaian taken as passionate a stand for a lost
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cause for the one jeff sessions it taking now. i got a terrible sens sensatione was trying to make a different point in ne that probably is not too flattering to him. he said, sessions, shouted in his trademark twang. the wiry southerner, the pet lent alabaman. do you think he was trying to make a point of some sort there? >> i do. lou: and size we look at others who attacked you it is sorted and nasty stuff, it is the result of a coordinated attack. against you. the good people of alabama. i am sure appreciate the integrity you have displayed, irrespective of the attacks which by the way turn out to be a badge of honor for you, you lost the battle in committee, the fight is beforous the floor. senator, always good to have
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you. >> we'll try to tell the truth about it and american people will convey to their representatives what they think. lou: absolutely. gerri: diswl thank youabsolutel. lou: sensetor jeff sessions. thank you. >> and this was recommendation by the way of president. who asked. senator schumer to -- these lawmaker pushing for legislation, amid revelation that justice department sees phone -- seized phone record from owes vateassociated press,s journalist. newly uncovered court of document shows justice department seized phone records, at white house at state department and the pentagon. if i semajr sieman agree about .
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>> and george ros rosen personal cell phone number and the number of his parents home in new york. what we are witnessing is a assault on the first amendment of this nation's constitution. by an administration that has gone too far across the line, the judge who handles the rosen leak case, today apologized for the year and a half delay in unceiling the duties in this case. prosecutor in the case, big donor to president obama's campaign. is going back to 2003. >> ben bernanke has been making it rain on wall street but
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investigator do not like the idea of slowing that flood of easy money. george areao with us next. >> irs abused its public trust, david bossy, president of citizens anighted talks about clear government overreach.
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lou: euronext guest says president obama issued marching orders to democrats and administration by attacking. joining us is david bosse president of citizens united.
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when you say. in essence, what do you mean? >> well, thank you. this is you know such an outrage what is going on in washington. you know american people are rightly upset about it. the president of the united states whoever that is, sets tone for federal government, when u.s. president goes to state of the union, and denounces the united states supreme court. which really was a first amendment case. that is what it did allowed more people to participate in process, democrats did not like it, they wanted irs, and fec to come down on 50104s, president in his attack. really set the stage for it, within weeks, chuck schumer, a list of left wing senators, sent a letter to irs, demanding that the irs do just that.
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really look closely at all of the conservative groups, irs is not out there doing things, that the power that be don't want them to do, that is who the american people have to focus on. not about imcompetence at the irs. lou: interesting the number of people suddenly said we -- you know democrats in particular, and president's administration are talking about ambiguity of the law. the necessity to deal with the tax code, this is substr classic defense. >> deflect that is what they want to do, let's talk about need to obollish them, and both side have been using them, you know i'm going to use a little
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rahm emanuel, let's not let a crisis go to waste, let's focus on abolishes the irs, and replacing it with a fair or flat tax, american people will be better off. i think those 90,000 people could be used on the border. lou: interesting concept. but, whatever i think we request all agree right now, internal revenue service has to have a very, very strong audit, we have to have if you will one that goes to this leaders of this administration, who ordered what and when. >> you need to have lerner come back immediately, as a former chief investigator of that committee, i held people in contempt. we did it in senate and house, you have to go to full house, get a vote of full house of
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representatives, hold them in contism. contism temp -- contempt of congress. lou: we'll talk about that issue with the man who raised that issue, david bosse. great to see you, david had surgery is back quickly, looking great. delighted. >> than thank you very much. lou: up next, mere mention of a bond buyback slowdown sends investors in a tizzy, and markets into the red. wall street veteran george will join us next to tell us what the future holds,
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lou: a volatile session on wall street. the dow today swimm -- swinging in an almost 280 point range,
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before finishing the session down 80, nazdaq town 40. s&p down 14. and ben bernanke testifying that central banking pullback on asset purchase, that sent markets lower, sell-off accelerated after minutes from last meeting showing a number of fed officials are opening to taper asset purchases as early as june. yield on 10 yeare 10-year treasg today, gold falling. crude oil down 2%. to 94 a barrel. my next guest said traders were expecting a more dovish statement from fed chairman, joining us vice president of global futures.
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rbc capital markets george. >> thank you. >> i think the amount of money that flew in and out of the markets was enormous. if you budget fact that just in gold we had a 60-dollar range, you opened up. say 1371. up to 1413. win minutes -- yep. >> this market, was performing nicely, then, it wasn't. what is going on here with the fed? we had dudley come out within the week, say, with a different tone than that adopted by fed chairman, make nice on policy, let's stay easy, fed chairman
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has been architect of easy money, today he sounded bike the grown -- like the grown up in the room. >> i think this has been going on since october. put it in a different way in october, actually, end of september and october. price of gold was about 1700. the price of gold is a political and economic barometer, since thin gold has come off gradually, sometimes more harshly, sometimes less, but open interest say a week ago may 13 was 440,000 contracts, 50,000 came out. and hundreds of millions came out of the etf's gradually, went into a stock market that the fed was looking to raise. >> and that is there is some room for change there.
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the dollar still strong, we have a bond market to that today only a reservoir -- >> people have not mentioned that dollar strength comes from two sources, not one could one. interest rates are creeping up because the fed has been kind of leaking the idea of tapering. and wall street ha has been concerned, so know rates have moved up a little bit. lou: they moved up today, where do we go. >> higher interest rates stronger dollar,. lou: that used to be the case, it has been -- >> no,. lou: a divergence. >> if you saw the euro it is down. lou: we're jammed, where do you see us going here? >> back to basics after a while. this will taper off, people will take a second look, and see beyond what is happening now.
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and they will get concerned about other devaluations. and you will see people come back in to gold. lou: all right, gold, and rest of the world outside of gold, looks like this will be kind of interesting here for a while. george gero thank you. >> thank you. lou: great authors joining us, over next few days, hampton cook to talk about the american phoenix. john quincy adams. another phoenix may be in order. we're coming right back. >> obama administration over two weeks, misrepresentations, contradictions, flat out lies, congressman lynn jenkins, tells us whether this white house has any credibility left.
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lou: joining us now, congressman trey gaudi, you heard his view. that lois lerner forfeit the her rights under the fifth amendment when she pleaded her innocence before the committee, that, 000 a subject that chairman darrell issa would be reviewing, gate to have you back. your firm view she forfeited her fifth amendment rights or privilege, when she said she is innocent, and went through the fact -- the assersions she did not break the law or violate any
7:37 pm
regulations. what do you think outcome will be here? >> well, if they apply u.s. versus brown, the supreme court case on wavin waiving your priv, you don't get it both ways. i think chairman issa is going overall of his legal remedies tonight, once includes. he did not adjourn, he recessed, bring her back
7:38 pm
>> there are three different forms of contempt, and i won't challenge his analysis, there are two other forms, will say you can never make a witness talk. you can give them consequences for not talking, buu we can never make miss lerner talk.
7:39 pm
the other alternative, to question mr. schulman why he didn't serve this criminal investigation. lou: well former irs commissiony douglas schulman. you have a passing acquaintances with now, your colleague congressman jim jordan said he visited the white house 118 times in 2010, and 2011, that is stunning in and of itself, by itself it means closer, but it is a somewhat closer relationship with the white house that i heard any acting irs or otherwise. >> i think mr. schulman was at the white house more than some of the employees who work at the white house, mr. schulman's memory gets very poor on things
7:40 pm
he does not want to talk about, it splendid on issues he wants to talk on. but he can't remember the conversations, he did not make a compelling witness in my judgment. lou: the committee with the rest of the house, will focussing, i know there has been attempttation. on part of the administration, and democrat to conflatea number of the issues, tax code issues even the chairman camp of ways and means wanted to talk about reforming the tax code, what the american people need here is a vast set of answers to troubling questions, and an end of the kind of conduct that your committee is examining. will we see that focus?
7:41 pm
>> gosh, i hope so, one of my colleagues on other side of the aisle, mentioned a special prosecutor, that was a democrat, i saw a level, not of bipartisan, but a level of equal opportunity outrage that does not exist on most issues, but you heard me ask mr. schulman can you name a single person who made a decision to target conservative groups, we're years after that decision of made, and there are no names, if i were one of your viewers, or you, i would be asking every member the congress, where did this start? where did this insidious idea originate? until we can answer that, we have not done our jobs as members of congress. lou: i keep asking, my success rate is not much higher than that was the committee to this point. i think congressman trey
7:42 pm
gawdy will change that. >> thank you, lou. >> up next. president obama trying to deflate number of scandals, congresswoman lynn jenkins joining to us tell us what republicans are doinggright in response. 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ won can you hear and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human using stereoscopic cameras ♪ and even stop itself
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lou:our next guest is disturbed watching the array of scandals engulfing the obama administration. she is among those investigating on the ways and means committee, investigating irs scandal, joining us now congresswoman lynn jenkins. let me first ask you, i mean, it looks like lois lerner has attention of house ove
7:46 pm
committee. where do we go from here? >> we have more questions now than ever before. very few answers. it wasn't particularly help helpful for miss lerner on invoke the fifth, it raised a number of questions and concerns about transparency with the irs, and this big government. we'll continue forward with an investigation, and additional oversight, it is our responsibility. lou: we have watched the number of individuals testify before your committee aways and means and house oversight. this is now there are some 7 committees investigating benghazi, the irs -- the obama irs scandal, justice department. these scandals look as though
7:47 pm
they share something very much in common, that is a indifference to the, if you will power of congress to check in anyway the executive, do you think i am wrong on that? >> no this is what happens when government gets too big, it has run amuck it is out of control, there seems to be no oversight within the obama administration on all of these fronts it has been difficult for the legislate irbranch to have any effect on oversight when we have been stonewalled for example, this irs investigation, we've been at this for over 2 years, asking the questions. and we have been lied to. misled. and we still don't know who was responsible. and no one has been held accountable. lou: it is who gave the order, the simplest of questions, it
7:48 pm
has become, it seems, the question that well a lot of people don't want to answer. are you confident you will get to these answers ? >> i we think we have. to the american people i think have hired up to do this oversight job, we have a role to play in policy making and oversight. and this is where we need to step up and do your job. and get to the bottom of this. you know, just ironic, i am a cpa by profession, worked in tax accounting firms forever and represents clients before the irs, none of my clients were allowed to get away with i don't know, or i made a mistake or i'm sorry. especially the guy at the top, if you showed up at an audit. and you didn't know what was going on, your individual return was not just getting audited your corporate return was getting audited, next 4 years were getting audited. yet this is the kind of hip
7:49 pm
tracy thattic -- rip creas hypot exists in our government today. lou: thank you very much congresswoman lynn jenkins, tomorrow, former speaker of the hoose dennis hastert. up next, new book, american phoenix, mission to russia changing this nation's destiny, author jane hampton cook is next. vo: travelg you definitely end up meeting a lot more people but
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lou: a new book tells tale of louisa and john quincy adams trip to russia. the war of 1812, centerpiece and relevant to today's global
7:53 pm
dynamics, joining us now, president at historian, american phoenix. jane hamilton cook. let me ask you. what brought your focus to this mission, and war of 1812, i have to be honest, i love the stories of 1812, andrew jackson, and the battle of new orleans. what brought you to it? >> well i was really fascinated about the story of louisa adams, she was a strong woman during the jane austin era. then i became intrigued with john quincy adams, he was down on his luck, he lost the job of his dreams then goes russia, and he used that opportunity, makes most of it and it really resurrects his political service career. and it puts him on track to be president, i was drawn to their stories.
7:54 pm
lou: as a presidential histary his -- hisseserhistorian, one of the gt presidents, a pivotal moment in american history, you look at what is happening in washington dc right now this president, congress and senate. give us your thoughts, comparison and emotions on the contrast? >> what strikes me about today, how heavy laden the bureaucracy is. everyone is hiding behind their person above them or below them. there is a bureaucracy, that when john quincy adams was a diplomat to russia he communicates directly on the president of united states through letter, and secretary of state through letter, we lost a lot of, that communication was slow it would take weeks, but it instance today, yet bureaucracy weighs down. and you know just cover all of what we're seeing now, that is
7:55 pm
what they are trying to do breakthrough that bureaucratic strong hold. lou: a strong hold, also a strong hold if you will efforts renow. -- fortress now. it is encircled with a stonewall whether it be the obama irs scandal or the justice department, "fast and furious" scandal, associated press, and james rosen fox news scandal or benghazi, i mean the list goes on and on, it is all coming back to one man. the president of the united states. he will be judged by the character that is revealed in his response to these scandals this crisis for him, don't you think? >> yes he is. and there is a moment during the war of 1812 where james madison was under scrutiny for an appointment he made, his treasury secretary an ambassador as well, you can't do that?
7:56 pm
they talked about it, they didn't fully work it out ubut they communicated. members of congress and president madison, it is a hugely different ball game, but character does matter, no matter the generation, it mattered highly on john quincy adams and today. lou: that mission to russia, determinant in large measure of the success of a young republic. >> that is right. that is right. we needed russia to put pressure on england to leave us alone once and for all that is what happened. lou: we recommend the book to you, it is on-line at bookstores now, about to if you want for links to the book. >> thank yo thank you very much. >> that is it for us, tomorrow night, former speaker of the house of representatives, dennis
7:57 pm
halhastert will be with us talko about the scandals, be with us if you will, good night from new york. we oversee 20% of the worls financial assets. investment management coined with investment servicing.s. bringing the power o investments to people's lives. invested in the world. bny mellon. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions.. in everythinfrom the best experiences below...
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neil: all right, i just down a pint. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. i knew this irs scandal was not about to quit because when they weren't so much on to say a word to those investigating guys over the notion of this scandal being short and sweet, that can be done because it doesn't appear to be happening. my advice, yo he may want to: a special prosecutor. a subject i raised with marco rubio seconds ago. neil: do we need a special


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